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GOJO Premium Foam Handwash with Skin Conditioners (5361)

GOJO (5361)  Premium Foam Handwash with Skin Conditioner 1200 ml TFX refill 

This luxurious cranberry scented foam hand soap provides a rich, thick lather for a refreshing hand washing experience. Gojo has formulated this Premium Foaming Hand Soap complete with skin conditioners to keep your hands moisturised even with frequent use. The gentle and effective formula provides a thorough clean, but it is still gentle, no need to worry about repeated hand washing causing dry hands. Gojo Hand Soap with Skin Conditioners is ideal for use in just about any location where there is frequent hand washing.
  • Easily rinses, leaving hands feeling fresh and clean.
  • Gentle cleansing experience along with a fresh, clean scent. 
  • Air is infused into the cleaning supplies as it is dispensed, resulting in a rich, creamy lather.

Product code: 5361-02

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