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EVANS Clean Fast - 2 x 5 Litres

Clean Fast - Heavy Duty Washroon Cleaner - A010EEV2

A heavy-duty washroom and general bactericidal cleaner. It has been formulated to quickly remove lime-scale, body fat and stubborn soil from a variety of surfaces e.g. porcelain, chrome, stainless steel, ceramic and quarry tiles.  Ideal for cleaning washbasins, baths, toilets and shower cubicles, and is also suitable for use on swimming pool surrounds and changing room floors. CLEAN FAST has been tested and shown to be effective against a range of disease causing micro-organisms.

The European Standard test method EN 1276 was performed in the UKAS accredited Microbiology
Laboratory (Testing No. 1108) of Evans Vanodine International Plc.

An independent laboratory performed the test with Legionella pneumophila. 

Product Code: VFM3108
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